Leadership Development

Or, how you develop the power of the second level

A good CEO, a good management team, is one thing. But, only a strong second (and third) management level is the guarantee for lasting success. It is that level where decisions are made that lead to success or failure in day-to-day business. It is that level that is used to reach all the employees of the company.

We use two leverage points to increase the strength of the second level: personality development and team development.

Personality development means using coaching and workshops in small teams to strengthen the awareness of one’s own personality, its history and its effect on others. How do I get into conflicts (inner conflicts as well)? What does it have to do with me? How can we resolve conflicts constructively? These questions and others are the ones we deal with.

Team development always means taking a group of managers and forming a management group. We work on common management models, promote and solidify cross-functional cooperation, and work on clear responsibilities.

And, because there is no clear delimitation here, personality development is always an important aspect in team development and vice versa.