Leadership Teams

Or, how you lead effectively together

Leading an organization is somewhat different than managing it. Leadership provides orientation by showing the big picture. And it gives direction by defining the framework in which managers and employees can make their contributions in a focused, creative and responsible way. Management is the organization and coordination of these contributions.

Leadership teams have to do both.

In the process, they are under particular scrutiny. Employees take exact notice of what is said. And what is not said. What is done. And, what is not done. We support these leadership teams in fulfilling their multifaceted functions.

Therefore, leadership team development is working on three essential tasks: cooperation (we ensure that a sound basis is created for the working relationship), giving orientation (we provide support for understanding the strategic concept and goals of the company in depth and depicting the big picture), and accompanying changes (we accompany leadership teams in creating the right framework for continued development of structures and processes).