Steve Hardy

  • Graduate in philosophy
  • Postgraduate in international marketing management
  • Education in logotherapy and existential analysis
  • Counselor
  • Contact:
    +43 664 1008254
How did you come up with «Mind the Gap» as a motto?

It addresses a basic phenomenon that costs organizations a great deal of energy and development potential. One of the most problematic «gaps» that I observe in the daily routine in organizations is between «control and trust». One example of this is that management develops and implements strategies, restructuring, visions, guiding principles and so on without involving the people. And then they wonder why the execution doesn’t work as shown on the super PowerPoint slides, and the employees are not fully behind it.

And, you make sure that doesn’t happen?

Right. The goal is to make involved parties out of affected parties. This means integrating the right people at the right time and for the right topic and getting them on-board if at all possible. We are partners to both sides: to top management to whom we give strategic advice and devise implementation options, and to managers and employees with whom we very definitely develop new structures, processes and agreements.

«Motivation» is an inexhaustible topic. What is your approach here?

To me, it is related to having a sense of purpose and hence to personal values. It astonishes me time and time again how much more successful we can be if something seems to make sense to us and provides a possibility for personal growth.

What hobbies do you have to offset the daily routine as a consultant?

I practice maintaining my composure in traditional archery, fly fishing and traveling in the wilderness of British Columbia. And I really need a great deal of practice!