Thomas Hrovat

  • Graduate in philosophy and psychology
  • Education as counselor in logotherapy and existential analysis
  • Extreme climber and mountaineer
  • Book publications: “Climbing”, “Eroberung des Unsichtbaren”
  • Contact:
    +43 676 3063094
What does “Mind the Gap” mean to you?

That you don’t have to be afraid, but you do have to be watchful. If, in a company, the plans of a few are supposed to be a matter for everybody, then there is a gap there right from the start. How could it be otherwise? To begin with, it isn’t only about implementation strategies, but also about getting as many people on-board as possible. You see, the ones who are to do the implementation are forgotten much too often and left alone with the plans. That way, many projects fail.

And, you make sure that doesn’t happen?

Right. We advise management strategically and draft plans that make the broadest possible «buy-in» possible. And, we work with the ones who have to specifically implement the plans.

And, what has that got to do with Viktor Frankl?

A great deal. According to our understanding, successful organizational development is the interleaving of economic efficiency and humanity. If you look around, it is evident that that is the only way in the long-term. We spend so much time on the job that we can’t afford to say: It’s only about economic efficiency; everything else that is important to me is my private business or comes later.