Angelika Hardy

  • Studied in London King`s College BA (English/German)
  • King`s College Cert.Ed. (teaching post)
  • Guidance Counsellor
  • Further education with Günter Funke (logotherapy & existential analysis)
  • Mentor for personal development (WOP® – Uwe Böschemeyer)
You are a mentor for personal development, so what does “mind the gap” mean to you?

In the complexity of modern life, we often have the feeling of not being free and being torn in different directions. To me, “mind the gap” is an appeal for our attention to integrate division.

In reference to my work, that specifically means not simply looking at who we are, but also who we could be. To do this, a bridge has to be built from the conscious to the subconscious in order to reach our unmistakeable authenticity.

You work with the method of value imagination (according to Uwe Böschemeyer). What is that all about?

Value imagination leads to the understanding of our polarity. In contrast to a dream in which we are the object of the images, in VIM (value imagination) we are challenged to work with the images actively with the support of the mentor. Through this, change is possible.

That way, VIM facilitates a connection between the pure cognitive and the creative designing, meaningful forces (such as freedom, responsibility, hope, courage, love) to which we all can find access in the subconscious.

Why should managers deal with such subjects of personal development?

We lead and motivate through what we say and do, but above all through what we are. The inner images are not only meaningful, but above all they provide identity as well. That way they can also make an important contribution to avoiding burn-out and to reconciliation with the old. They refer to strengths and potential in us that are not always accessible from the conscious alone. They promote our creativity and resilience.