Davorin Belamarić

  • Graduate electrical engineer in telecommunications
  • Advanced training in organization and management, lean management, Six Sigma, and service excellence
  • Education in logotherapy and existential analysis
  • Kontakt:
    +385 91 6105 436
How did it come about that you, as an engineer and manager, became a consultant?

To me, after 15 years of management, it was the next logical step. I managed up to 300 employees spread over 15 countries. You can imagine that I was able to acquire a great deal of management and leadership experience in the process.

I would like to contribute this experience. I don’t simply know how it works «theoretically», but have also experienced what helps «practically».

You represent azimut consulting in South-Eastern Europe. How did that happen?

My relationship with azimut consulting goes back 13 years. The first 10 years were as a satisfied customer, and the past few years as a partner. As a Croat, it was obvious to me that focusing on South-eastern Europe would mean having more time with my family.

Speaking of family. How well are you able to combine your family and career?

Very well. When our twins were born, I was surprised how much experience as a manager I was able to contribute to raising them. Now that they are older, I have become more of an «advisor» to them.

What and how would you like to discuss with us the most in your spare time?

I would like to talk about my great passion of taking long trips by bicycle, over a glass of beer in one of the many Croatian national parks.