Für wen wir arbeiten

Stefan Oschmann, Merck Group
Member of the Executive Board, CEO Pharma:

„When it is truly important to bring individuals together and unite them around a common goal, then the team from azimut consulting are my partners of choice, and have been for many years. They address both strategic and behavioural themes with those directly involved  basing their work on the belief, which I share, that a spirit of collaboration is what both individuals and organisations need to flourish. I have worked with them together with top executive teams, global leadership groups, cross-functional project teams and as process consultants.“

Hanspeter Quodt, Senior Vice President
Managing Director MSD Germany:

„I have enjoyed a close working relationship with azimut consulting for over ten years. They are pragmatic, hands-on consultants and facilitators who create platforms and processes which integrate our people into what the company is trying to achieve. They have supported us in restructuring, introducing new business models, leadership initiatives, cross-functional cooperation and team effectiveness . What I appreciate is that they base their approach on the awareness that behind each function there is a person whose individual situation and competence to contribute must be integrated and treated with respect. In an environment where change is the daily norm, this open dialogue is key to implementation and to keeping people on board.“

Lilly Deutschland GmbH, Medical Oncology Europe:

„We have had regular off-site meetings with Steve Hardy of azimut consulting for the last 7 years. They are refreshing, inspiring and provide us with a great opportunity to develop practical results for implementation of commonly aligned strategy.“

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Mundi Pharma, Allergo Pharma, IBM, Siemens, Nike, Tommy Hilfiger, Alcon, Janssen Cilag, Novartis,
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