The forgotten workstream

There are «obvious workstreams» for every change: concepts, project plans, work packages. And there is the «unseen workstream» meaning those that concern the ones who have to carry out the implementation: common clarity, inner buy-in and effective alignment. It is far too often the case that the unseen workstreams is forgotten. Many failed change projects are attributable to this.

We draft and accompany processes in order to work on this often forgotten workstream. And, this is not only a human need of the participants, but also a economical necessity. Because, at the end of the day, it has to work.


We provide consulting for the definition of change processes. What are the «gaps» between the concept and the unseen workstream during the implementation? What is stipulated, and what can still be shaped? What topics will be worked on by whom and how? What is the role and responsibility of top management in this process?


When working with teams and groups, we ensure that there is common clarity, we reinforce inner buy-in, and promote personal responsibility in effective alignment between the functions. That way, lived-out reality can evolve from plans.

There is a large bandwidth of formats available to us for this: workshops with large and small groups, experience-oriented and elaborate off-site events, interviews, individual coaching and dialog processes.