Jürgen Witrzyk

  • Education in logotherapy and existential analysis
  • Studied philosophy and psychology
  • Nationally certified mountain and ski guide
  • Contact:
    +43 664 1328700
What does «Azimut» mean?

Azimuth means the exact direction in which we have to move to reach a destination – taking into consideration our starting point and the challenges that we will encounter along the way.

What are the challenges?

Well, one of the biggest challenges is to identify the topics in a company on which work has to be done in order to get ahead. We do both – identification and implementation – together with our customers.

What is different about a typical azimut workshop?

Our approach is different from others primarily due to the fact that the concept and agenda come into being in the process and are not already predetermined. The participants of the workshop contribute their experience and know-how right from the beginning and that way decisively help to shape the content and results.

What motivates you as a consultant to work in and for companies?

To me, the appealing thing about working as a consultant is the fulfilling experience of being involved when potential develops, when the thoughts and findings of individuals and teams begin to gain momentum and contribute to changes – changes for the positive.