Christian Pirkl

What does azimut mean?

In astronomy, the azimuth describes the angle between the north-south plane and the vertical plane of the stars. Just like in our work, the azimut is different at any time and any place. The ways (from Arabic as’sumut) to reach a destination are different depending on the starting point and time. We cannot solve the tasks given to us with predetermined general solutions. At another level, i.e. navigation, the azimut means the bearing of a ship from the starting point to the desired destination. The course that is actually taken cannot be the exact bearing, just like in business practice. The azimut helps when comparing the two courses.

Why do you work at least in twos in the seminar?

Essentially, for two reasons: Firstly, due to our different personalities and our respective roles (the moderator has a different focus than the observer), it makes it possible for us to notice more different aspects, moods, and dynamics in the group and take them into consideration.

Secondly, because we work in a process-oriented way, decisions about the direction, next step and most appropriate formulation of the work can often be made in a shorter amount of time. Doing this in an exchange, or a dialogue with a partner, is indeed not the easiest way, but our experience has shown it to be the way that provides the richest content.